The Cursory Santa Picture and Much More

So all my fellow mommy bloggers have been very diligent in posting pictures of their little ones meeting Santa so I thought I should do the same.  Baby E met Santa last week.  It was a great memory that I need to thank my sister for.  She really prompted me to do it.  So without further ado…(he’s going to love/hate this picture when he’s older).

I’ve been transitioning back to work this month and it’s been pretty good.  Work has been very supportive of me easing back into work while providing plenty to keep me busy when I get there.  Baby E has helped by sleeping through the night most of the time.  It’s been great.  The mornings are a little rough.  He never likes to be set down during the 6:00 A.M. hour which makes it VERY hard to get ready.  So much for doing my hair.  Thank god I got that Keratin treatment in my hair.  It’s always straight now.  Work also provides me the luxury of being able to pump in a setting dedicated to new moms.  The room is great.  It deadbolts so you feel extremely comfortable.  You’ll also notice the couch and fridge/sink.  Everything you need is right there.  I’m lucky to work at such a great place. 
On days where I’m able to stay home with my little man, I’m able to capture some sweet moments with him.  He really loves to smile.  How can you not love this face!?
Other random thoughts..
I’m still a little leery of taking Baby E back to the grocery store.  We attempted it the a week ago only to have a minor breakdown in isle 5 which didn’t end.  We sucked it up and pushed through.  I felt bad for everyone around us.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience.  Getting the groceries out of the car was just as challenging as buying them.  
When I am able to workout, I’m starting to get my run fitness back.  I’m back to running 3 miles consistently and am starting to work on my speed.  I’m looking forward to a week in Florida, with plenty of warm weather and babysitters, I’m hoping to get some good mileage in.  Maybe it will help me get the last 4 lbs off.  

One response to “The Cursory Santa Picture and Much More

  1. You're at the last 4 pounds already?! Awesome. I was there and now I'm gaining. Darn Xmas sweets. I can only exercise twice a week though. Definitely need to figure out a way to workout at home now that it's cold outside.

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