Life has Changed..

It occurred to me when I was out running on the beach today that I’ve really “grown up”.  In the precious 40 minutes I got to escape my thoughts jumped around as usual but the subject matter was pretty different than what I use to think about (see previous posts).  Here is a little insight into the random thoughts:

Minute 1 – 5: OK, it’s a little windy here but it’s so worth it to just run outside.  Let’s take off.  Nice and easy jog…

Minute 6 – 10: Oh.  There’s villa Santini, I need to get some money out but I probably shouldn’t do it now and then keep running.  Not smart.  I’m a mom now.  I guess I better be a little more responsible with my running.

Minute 11 – 15:  I wonder how Baby E’s doing.  I hope he’s not causing too much trouble.  I love that little kid.  I can’t believe he’s mine.  I  can’t wait to bring him along on my run.  He’s going to love it.  I really need to get the BOB stroller.

Minute 16 – 20: That homily in church was so profound.  I couldn’t believe I teared up.  I wouldn’t have ever teared up before baby.  (Synopsis – Families need to focus on love. Mothers and Fathers should never be afraid to show their children the affection needed. Ann Landers Story – A mother wrote a letter asking when fathers should stop kissing/hugging their sons.  Ann’s Answer – NEVER.  Then the priest discussed a second letter sent to Ann from a father explaining why her first letter moved him so much he cried.  The letter explained that the dad told his son he loved him for the first time but that the son would never know it because he was dead.  OH MY GOSH!!!  I sat there, holding E and I couldn’t hold it in.  I just lost it.  The thought of something like that happening is beyond words.)

Minute 21 – 25: OK, I’ll head home and check on him.  I would hate to think he’s screaming.
—–Stopped by home and he’s asleep on Nohni.  (grandma).  So I’m headed back out.

Minute 26 – 30: I’m back out and loving it.  I’ll head the other way on the beach.  It would be nice to see how the island has changed (we weren’t here last year).

Minute 31 – 34: OK, let’s do some intervals.  This song is great for it.  I need to find some new songs that get you pumped up.  I think I saw some in the Fitness Magazine.  I better go look.
–Honk by passing car–
Minute 35: YES!!!  I still got it.  I can be a mom and still be good looking.

Minute 36 – 40: Wow, I’m out of shape.  I only did three intervals and I’m exhausted.  I need to get my mileage up and be ready to run the Half in April.  I wonder if I’ll be able to train enough to do my triathlon in May.  I need to go sign up at the YMCA.  At least they have day care and a pool.  I should be able to get some laps in that way.

Minute 41 – 45: I’ve done enough today.  I’m sure the little one is missing me and I’m pooped but I feel MUCH better knowing I’ve run today.  It’s amazing how good it makes you feel, even when you are in pain from pushing so hard.
—Walk in the door and hear S talking to E and changing his diaper—

Ok, a successful run.


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