Sip and See…A Great Success

Added…Link to According To Nina.  She posted pictures of the event. 

Before Baby E was born, we meant to celebrate with all my friends at home but work got in the way.  So instead of scrapping it all together, my sisters, sister-in-law and mother threw us a “Sip and See”.  It was great.  Instead of speculating what Baby E would look like at a regular shower, we got to introduce him to everyone.  It was great.  The atmosphere of the party was very easy going thanks to my family.  My sister in law threw one heck of party.  The decor was adorable (colors – Orange, Blue, and Green), and the food was fantastic.  Best of all, I got the one gift that I’ve been dreaming about.  The inspiration for the blog…the BOB stroller.  Here’s Baby E trying it out for the first time.  I think he likes it!!!


One response to “Sip and See…A Great Success

  1. that is such a great idea!!! i have never heard of a “sip and see”…

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