One Day You’re In and the Next Day You’re Out

That’s what comes to mind these days as Baby E goes through phase after phase.  From the 7th to the 12 week he slept through the night.  Now he’s getting up once to eat which I know is still very good.  Now that he’s able to focus on things and is starting to reach out to grab for them, we’ve pulled out the activity mat and he loves it.  It’s so cute to watch him learn to control his arms.  The thing I’m struggling with is that if the TV is on in the room why he’s in there, he will crane his head so he can see it.  I know, I know.  It’s not recommended for children under two.  And I’ll do my best to keep him from watching it but he tries real hard.

It also seems like I’ve gone into a second phase of nesting or something.  I’ve been on the hunt for two rugs, one of for the den and one for Baby E’s room so I went to HomeGoods and found one that I really liked for the den.  I put it in my cart and walked around a little more.  I thought it over and ended up putting the rug back.  I got home, looked at the space and realized I should’ve bought it.  I went back only to find out it had been purchased.  I kick myself for not getting it.  That’s the problem with those stores.  They won’t ever have it again.  ARGH!

We also got some curtains for Baby E’s room which we love but putting them up will be such a hassle.  We have plaster walls and hanging anything is a small project.  I love the charm of older homes but these walls are my enemy.  I HATE them.

We got some art work which I need to get framed but it’s awesome.  It’s by Children Inspire Art.  I ordered it off I love that site.  They always have fun things to shop through and great prices. I feel like we’re finally starting to get his room put together.


One response to “One Day You’re In and the Next Day You’re Out

  1. love zulily!!

    i have learned through the years to just “get it!” and then you can always return it. i have gone back for too many things that were no longer there. 😦
    and whatever to if it was meant to be it would be when it comes to that! 😉

    love the direction in which baby E's room is going in. great colors!

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