Is This What You Thought Parenting Would Be?

That’s the question S asked me this evening as Baby rocked in his swing and we ate a quiet dinner.  The funny thing was I didn’t know how to answer because I’m not sure what I expected.  I spent so much of my blogging life trying to speculate what it would be like and it’s almost comical to go back and read them.

Words can explain how excited I get at 4:30 knowing I get to go home and see Baby E.  Nor can it explain the level of frustration you feel when he cries and you can’t seem to figure out why.  The amount of highs and lows are amazing but I love every minute of it.

Baby E is doing so good.  He is still sleeping pretty well.  He is definitely eating well and his personality is really starting to shine through.  He’s getting better at using his arms.  The activity mat has provided many opportunities for instant gratification.  It’s so amazing to see him grab one of the things that hang down.  His eyes light up and he giggles.  I could watch it all day.


One response to “Is This What You Thought Parenting Would Be?

  1. it's not until you become a parent that you get into “parenting” mode and yet it changes every second in order to accommodate every situation. right?

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