This is Terrible

Here I sit in a hotel room in Florida missing my little guy.  He’s at home cuddled up with Dad and I’m not there.  I’m praying I don’t miss the first time he rolls over.  He’s so close. 

I’ve got to just get through the next two days.  I can’t wait for Wednesday.  Let’s just hope the weather allows me to get home on time. 


3 responses to “This is Terrible

  1. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I'm sure you have organized your schedule to stay very busy. Then the next day will be Wednesday and you will be on the way home. You can do this. Your company needs you to do the great job you are capable of doing. Hang in there.

  2. I'm sorry! That sounds terrible. But, it's already tuesday and you will be with baby E before you know it!!

  3. I have to go through the same thing next week. I've never been away from Teagan and she turned a year old on Sunday. Next week I'll be gone for 3 days…she is just now really trying to take her first steps and I'm afraid I'll miss them. Make sure Dad has the camera out!! Plus, think of all those milestones you'll get to see and have already seen!! It'll be okay! =-)

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