Mommy Skills Tested

So let me set the scene, I live in the Midwest where weather is sometimes unpredictable.  It’s end of January.  I have a friend coming in from Colorado to meet Baby E for the first time and do a little relaxing.

So we decide to go out for Margarita’s with friends.  About half way through dinner I start feeling a little ill.  Long story short the rest of my night was spent on the bathroom floor.  Thank GOD Baby E slept through the night.  It didn’t get any better the next day.  I’m barely functioning, trying to feed Baby E and am totally surprised I’m even producing any milk.  Then my out of town friend, let’s call her “M”, gets sick.  So our Sunday together was spent curled up on the couch.  On Sunday night, the news starts talking about the worst snow storm in decades coming in on Tuesday.  Sunday night I’m continuing to struggle and decide that Baby E is better off with his grandparents for the night as I PRAY that I haven’t passed him something terrible.  I stayed home from work on Monday and got some much needed sleep.

Monday night, the news continues to talk up this storm like it’s Snowpocolypes so the local university sends home kids who have family close by.  My baby sister (21 years old) comes to stay with us and help watch Baby E while I possibly work from home on Tuesday.  Then she gets sick on Monday night and Baby E is starting to feel under the weather.

Tuesday I stayed home with Baby E and my lil sis.  Both are now recovering well.  I can’t wait till the weekend.


One response to “Mommy Skills Tested

  1. wow, that is awful!! there is a total stomach bug going around. i know how it feels, just been there.
    hang in there!
    hope you are all better.

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