Remembering Those Who Need Help

For about 2 weeks, I had a box of things that Baby E never used during the first couple months of his life (i.e. Newborn diapers, formula, etc) which I had been meaning to donate to someone or some charity that could use it.  Then it occurred to me that the St. Louis Crisis Nursery might be an option.  So I located the facility and headed down half expecting to just drop off the box and leave, no interaction what so ever.  When I got there though, what happened was completely unexpected. 

Once I got through the security (the building is locked down, no one goes in or out without someone knowing), I came into a big room where I found a few children watching TV, probably trying to go to sleep and then behind them was a kid (maybe around 19 or so) rocking with an infant in his arms that looked to be about Baby E’s age.  It was such a precious site.  I don’t have to tell you how wonderful those moments are when they fall asleep in your arms like that.  I asked the volunteer about the boy and he said “I’ve tried to put him down three times and all he wants is to be held.”  I almost cried.  It saddened me that this little baby couldn’t get that type of moment at home but I was happy to see that he looked so content at the nursery. 

This happened about 3 weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it.  I’m so fortunate to be able to provide Baby E with an environment where he’s loved, fed and happy without any worries of abuse, etc but for many babies and kids that isn’t the case.  The Crisis Nursery tries to help this group and I’m happy that they are.  As a mom, you don’t want to think about any child being deprived of love, or abused.  It makes me sick.  So I’m going to continue to support the Nursery in anyway I can and I encourage you to do the same in STL if you’re around here or in your own towns.

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