B.O.B. Trial Run

I may have to change the name of my blog or at least the picture.  I took Baby E out in the B.O.B. for the first time Sunday when it was around 70 and he cried.  He hated it.  I’m PRAYING that he was just too young or not in the right frame of mind that day.  I’ll be heartbroken if I can’t share my love of running with him. 


2 responses to “B.O.B. Trial Run

  1. it was his first time, give him a chance. start slowly, like maybe 30 minutes at a time?

  2. I have a BOB too, and my daughter is about the same age as your son (she's 17 weeks). I've put her in the BOB in her car seat w/the infant attachment and she loved it. Last week, I tried to put her in the “regular” part of the stroller – yup she hated it! I'm thinking that maybe they are so used to being in their cozy carseats that the openness of the stroller freaks them out. I think they'll get used to it, I'm going to try to take her out a little bit at a time…fingers crossed!

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