So Happy…

I feel like I can HOPEFULLY finally report that we are all on the upswing.  Recovering from the flu, colds and RSV.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks but we’re pushing ahead.  The show must go on. 

Before Baby E was even a twinkle in my eye, I would’ve told you with a straight face that I wasn’t sure if I would ever have kids.  Sure, S and I talked about it but it seemed light years away.  Now I look forward to just waking up to him.  To seeing his smiling face and even hearing his cries (which he hopefully doesn’t do all that often).  I love sharing him with family and friends and just feel all round like a more complete person with him around. 

I love his new Adidas shirt.  S is a big soccer guy and this outfit makes Baby E look like the serious fan (maybe someday athlete).

Here he is learning to kiss momma. I love these big sloppy kisses.

One response to “So Happy…

  1. YAY! glad you are all feeling better. here too. i think the whole nation was sick, or at least that's what it looked like from the blog world.
    slobbery kisses are the BEST!

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