The Nest Hudson Diaper Bag

I GOT IT!!!  I forgot to mention it when I was telling you about my business trip.  I got the Hudson diaper bag from Nest Diaper Bags and I love it!  I took it on the business trip with me and it held my work laptop and notebook, a breast pump and components and a small cooler for milk. 

I’m sort of obsessed with bags anyway so this one is my NEW favorite.  However, Baby E also got a pretty nice bag from his god family for Christmas which I also am becoming very fond of. 

Its a Lands End extra large bag and can’t fall over which is PRICELESS when it’s filled to the brim with baby clothes and anything else I can squeeze into it.  I would highly recommend it. 

One response to “The Nest Hudson Diaper Bag

  1. both great bags! i love the one you got!! doesn't even look like a diaper bag. score!

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