I’ve Lost It..

my motivation that is.  Why can’t I make time out of my day to get my workouts in.  It use to be so easy.  I could get up whenever I wanted and head to the gym.  Now I have to wait for the nursery to open and hope that I’m ready to workout.  I’m so sick of the treadmill but I can’t go outside until it’s nice enough to take Baby E  S’s schedule on the weekend is so sporadic that it’s hard to plan around.

I need to find some inspiration.


One response to “I’ve Lost It..

  1. i'm sorry, that sucks. worst taht you can't go outside.
    being a mom and on top of it a working mom takes a LOT out of you.
    can you do stuff at home? like with videos or wii?
    maybe it would make you feel better?

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