A New Milestone for Baby E

This week we introduced rice cereal to Baby E.  I was prepared for the funny faces and weird looks but what I got from him was something not so unusual.  It seemed that he liked it.  I’m not saying that he knew what to do with it but he didn’t cry or get mad when I put the spoon in his mouth.  Now I just need to teach him to swallow it.  As you can see, what goes in must come out.  I think I’m going to try rotating a bottle and rice and see if, by accident, some rice makes it to his stomach.  It’s definitely been entertaining. 


One response to “A New Milestone for Baby E

  1. sometimes it helps to swallow when it's a bit thicker, it doesn't come out as easily. also, Lily loved her rice cereal mixed with apple sauce. yummy!

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