Tantrums…At 5 Months, Really?

While I love Baby E with all my heart, he’s starting to get frustrated to the point of throughing tantrums.  These horrendous events usually come during one of the following events:

1. Eating..I tried to give him rice last night and he just wasn’t having it.  I wiggled himself right out of his bumbo and when I’d try to hold him to feed him, he’d turn in to me, showing me exactly what he wanted.  I’m hoping this was an isolated incident since the first few times he had it he was fine. 

2. Changing Diapers at night…when Baby E wakes up at night, I usually change his diaper first thing.  Turns out E’s like a faucet that didn’t get turned off at night.  He could put out a fire.  His diaper always weighs soo much.  So change him.  He HATES it!!  He literally gets as stiff as a board which makes it hard then to change his clothes and then diaper.

I’m hoping that these aren’t a sign of things to come.  At this age I don’t think there’s much I can do to end the tantrum other than not changing his diaper or stick strictly to nursing, which as a working (and traveling) mom, is very unrealistic.  I’ve tried to go as long as I could but the demands of trying to be his sole source of food, TRY to be a good wife, train for a half marathon, work 8-5 plus some.  That’s a discussion for a later post. 


One response to “Tantrums…At 5 Months, Really?

  1. he is teething and that is a lot!! but, he is also testing you so…. start putting your foot down now.
    i know it sounds mean but it's true.

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