FINALLY, We’ve Logged Some Mileage on the B.O.B.

Spring has sprung at least temporarily.  Baby E and I took that opportunity to log the first miles on the B.O.B.  I wish I could’ve got someone to take our picture but it’s good enough to see Baby E in it.  You can tell, he didn’t mind it one bit.

It was a little tough running with a stroller up hill but I’ll get use to it if it means I get to run outside.  I HATE the treadmill.  
I’ve also been trying to get some runs in to decide if I can finish a half marathon early next month.  So far I’ve only been able to log 6 miles at one time.  That’s not even half the distance.  I’m sure I could finish it, wouldn’t be pretty, but I’m not sure I’m good with that.  Before I got pregnant, I was working on getting my speed up but between work, Baby E getting sick and other demands, I can barely find time to keep my running fitness up.  
I do miss the freedom to go run whenever I want.  I wouldn’t trade what I have now for anything but every now and then I do reminisce.  That’s not illegal right? 

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