Random Childhood Memory

I spend so much time talking about Baby E on here that I thought that when I had a moment of nostalgia today I’d air it out.  It made me smile.  Enjoy…

I’m the middle child of 3 + 1 (10 years later).  I was recalling how when the three of us were all little (we are all two years apart or less), mom use to give us a bath together and your place in the tub was dictabed by your place in the birth order. So that meant that I meant I sat in the middle.  I use to get so jealous of child #1 because they always got the hot water, I got the warm water and child #3 would get all the cold water.  I use to feel so sorry for them but I guess not enough to switch spots.  I was so selfish.  I guess there’s a lesson in there that I should extrapolate and teach to Baby E.  I’ll keep thinking.  Any ideas?


One response to “Random Childhood Memory

  1. lol, i think that was natural for you to feel that way. maybe i'm selfish too? lol

    i like where you are going with this childhood memory idea

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