Bedtime Challenges, Runs and More

Life at Baby E’s house has been so busy.  I’ve just gotten back from another business trip, we had a family member to leave us, a first birthday party for my niece and somewhere in there S and I have been trying to fit in some workouts.  VERY challenging.

I’ve been trying to finish a blog posting about adjusting to the new “normal” but I need time to really sit and finish it.  So until then, enjoy these musings about life in our house.

A few weeks ago my parents rented a place in downtown STL.  It’s been great to have them around.  Today, I was able to take Baby E down there to hang out while I went running.  It was so great to be able to run outside.  Running downtown was great too for a change of scenery.  It really is a pretty town.  I just wish we could improve our image.  We’re not really a booming metropolitan area.  Here are a couple pictures from their apartment.

I need to seriously decide if I’m going to try to run the Go! Half Marathon.  I haven’t run anything longer than 7 miles and right now that doesn’t feel like enough to make me think I can get through 13.  I just didn’t get enough training in.

S and I have also been trying to ween Baby E off his current habit of nursing as he goes to sleep.  It makes it very hard for S to put him to sleep when I’m away.  So we’re on day 3 of the “Modified” Ferber method.  We are trying to get him into a routine at bed of either a bath, or book, music and eating in his room with the lights down.  Then he gets put to bed groggy but not asleep.  Last night it took almost 2 hours for him to fall asleep.  We’d go in every 5 minutes to help calm him down but it was terrible.  I know this is the best thing for him and us but it’s so tough.  I’m praying tonight is better.

Any advice?

On a lighter note, Baby E got to celebrate his cousins first birthday with her last night.  They both had so much fun.  Baby M got to try cake for the first time.  I’m pretty sure she loved it and she wanted to make sure everyone else got to try it too.


2 responses to “Bedtime Challenges, Runs and More

  1. weening is hard! been there. just hang in there and be persistent with it. he will get it.
    instead of every 5 minutes, i would do every 10-15. 5 is too soon. good luck!

  2. I agree. I'm currently doing the same with my daughter and we give her intervals of 10-15-20 minutes. They just need time to self-soothe, and often if you go in too soon, you interrupt their process and they cry longer. Good luck!

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