13.1…Done and Done

My little running buddy didn’t get to run with me, it was just too hot but I did finish 13.1 miles.  I was very proud given all the challenges a new mother faces.  I also hit my goal of finishing a half before Baby E turned 6 months.  It feels great to reach a goal.  Am I soar?  Absolutely.  I’m actually going to go to bed soon but I wanted to get this written.

As I started the run, I started thinking how crazy it was that I was doing this.  The temps had already climbed into the high 70s by 7:00 A.M. which makes it very dangerous to be running.  I finished but the race organizers decided to call it off about 2 hours in.  I’m lucky to have finished but many who trained for months weren’t able to.  I would be devastated but it was for their own safety.  Hopefully they’ll try it again.   When I finished, I could have filled a salt truck. I saw a lot of motivational running signs on the route and thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites.

1. Because 13.2 would be crazy.
2. Running is all mental and you all are crazy
3. Run like your Kenyan
4. Chafe now brag later
5. Don’t worry, toenails are overrated
6. You should’ve taken a dump when you had the change
7. Your perspiration is my inspiration

Do you have any favorites?

I thought about trying to remember everything that went through my mind during the run so I could provide a step by step recount but I could sum it up in one word….”Ouch!”

I didn’t take any pictures before and definitely not after but if I find one that the race organizers took I’ll post it.  Otherwise, just know if I can do it you can too!!  Let’s plan the next race.


One response to “13.1…Done and Done

  1. CONGRATS!! that is awesome. i love “chafe now brag later.”

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