My Favorite Running Things

I’ve been asked a lot lately for my recommendation of many MOM centric running related products so I thought I’d share my “Running Favorite Things” (similar to Oprah’s Favorite Things). 

1. B.O.B. Stroller – Link – Anything that lets me combine two things I love, my son and running, is a favorite hands down.  After using it for a while, it’s become like an extension of my arms.  It provides a smooth ride for Baby E and me.  It’s easy to maneuver and steer even in the mall. 
2. Nursing capable Sports Bra – Link – This might be the best Sports Bra ever for nursing moms.  It provides plenty of support without being too restrictive.  I find myself panicking when one of the three that I have isn’t clean and it’s time for a workout. 
3. Nike + for iPod  or iPhone – Link – I have an IT background so anything digital interests me.  I have been using the Nike + pod with my iPod for almost 1 year and have logged over 1000 miles.  I know there are other tools out there but this one integrates so well into my day to day activities.  I love to look at my results posted here and it keeps me motivated to add another line to the graph. 
4. Nike Filament Women’s Running Capris – Link – These are great for more modest moms that don’t want a lot of fabric to potentially add to the chafing factor.  I have two pairs of these and will almost always try to grab them first.  They have a pocket on the back that’s perfect to put a phone in or license and money.  They also have mesh cut outs that keep sweat away but let air flow. 
5. Balega Socks – Link – These are fantastic at keeping your foot dry and comfortable.  I ran a half in the pouring rain a couple years ago in these and my feet came out feeling better than I could’ve expected.  They are a little pricey at $10/ pair but I only buy them every now and then and save them for only running. 
6. Bose Ear Buds – Link – These are another splurge but WELL worth the investment.  I’ve had the pair I have now for over 2 years and they provide great sound while staying secure without feeling like your ear is about to explode.  They have an extra long cord though so I end up tucking it into the strap of my bra. 

7. Nike + Pod Sensor Pouch – Link – If you aren’t a big fan of Nike running shoes but want to use the sensor, you can keep you sensor close by using a pouch that interlaces into your laces.  It’s cheap and makes any shoe compatible with the system. 

8. Runners World Magazine – Link – I’m a life long subscriber to this.  It’s one of the most informative magazines I get (and I get quite a few).  I read this cover to cover and usually end up cutting out articles for future reference.  They provide ton’s of training advice and plans for getting you race ready.  
9. Gatorade – Link – Call me old fashioned but I LOVE Gatorade.  I could drink it all day every day especially the lemon lime flavor.  I don’t like to drink it during runs unless I’m over 60 mins, then I only drink a very small amount but afterwards, I treat myself to a bottle that I’ve put in the freezer for a brief period of time.  It’s like a Gatorade Slushy.  It’s yummy.  I guess you know you’re a true jock when you love Gatorade. 
10. My Local Running Store – Big River Running – Finding a local running store is like finding a built in support group that you can shop with.  They have all kinds of group events and they support local running groups.  It makes it really hard to not get involved.  BRR is great for that reason.  I love walking in there and feeling like I’m among friends and not just another random customer.  There are very few things that I feel are worth being loyal to and BRR is one of them. 

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