Random Thoughts From The Desk Of….

I thought it would be interesting to keep this up and occasionally jump over and record some of the random thoughts that come to mind during the day.  I’m sure they are partially a result of my disorganized surroundings.  Luckily I can say that my personal life is becoming just a little more manageable thanks to my momAgenda. 

1. I need to get some calls made today.  It looks like I have 1/2 hour at 11:00.  What’s my most important call to make?  Duh, the prospective babysitter.  Let’s hope she’s awesome. 

2. I think running the potential neighborhoods I like is a great way to do some houseshopping.  I think I’ll do that again.

3. Can’t wait for tomorrow night.  Baby E and I are going out.  (Ok, we’re going to meet some friends at their house downtown but still).

4. Thank god I brought an extra FRS and that box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I’m set for the day if I can’t make it down to lunch.

5. I really need to dust this desk.  It’s a mess.  If my husband saw this he’d freak.

6. Why doesn’t anyone warn you that you’re going to lose your hair after you have a baby?  ARGH!

7.  I wonder if my Chewbeads will come today. 

8. I hope I don’t miss E’s first crawling steps.  I’m betting I do but my sitter is too nice to tell me.

9.It feels like a Friday around here.  I guess that’s because most people are taking tomorrow off.

10. I need to go look at a house I found online.  It looks pretty good in pictures. 

11. I think it’s time for some cereal. 

12.  I really REALLY need to come up with a plan to get into a pool at least once a week.

13.  Baby E needs a haircut.  I guess I should take him to the Hair Saloon for Men. 

14. Ok, I’m going home. 


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