Happy Early Easter

Baby E had a big day.  He celebrated his first Easter and attended his first ballgame.  All that after he went through the worst storm STL has seen in years while hanging out with a friend.  
Baby Es Picture Commentary: This is my moms college roommate.  I’m so happy to hang out with her.  She has the most hilarious dog with some ears that make me giggle.

This is my cousin.  We might not look alike but we’re buds.

Here we are talking about baseball and politics.  Ok maybe he’s just showing me how to crawl.

Mom, Dad and I at my first baseball game.  I loved it!  I got to meet all the staff in the Bank of America club that knew me last year before I was even born.  Such happy memories. 
Dad and I cheering because albert pujols hit a home run (which I hear is a good thing).  

One response to “Happy Early Easter

  1. he is getting so big! happy easter

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