Ever Feel Like You’re Running On Empty

This post is all about venting and discussing time management so be warned!!

One thing I’ve definitely learned as a mom is that life doesn’t slow down.  I knew this before Baby E was born but there were periods of time during the day where life would slow down, allow me to catch my breath and regroup.  Now that time doesn’t exist until my head hits the pillow.  I’ve lost touch with all my TV shows (Biggest Looser and everything on Bravo), I don’t sew anymore and I definitely don’t read books like I use to. 

It seems like lately though everything is moving at warp speed making it very difficult to keep all the balls in the air. 

Ball 1 – Work – I love my job, don’t get me wrong.  I get to leave work everyday feeling a sense of accomplishment but with that comes the feeling like I could’ve done more knowing that there is a ton to do.   It’s hard to leave that at the door when I go home every night.  I never stop thinking about what I have to do tomorrow.

Ball 2 – Family – Baby E is the center of my life and S’s.  He is by far the most important thing to us and we obviously invest a lot of time in making sure he’s happy and healthy.  In addition, S and I both have family related activities that we are constantly trying to keep track of.  Thankfully I’ve succumbed to the need for pen/paper to keep track of it all.  That’s where the momAgenda comes into play. 

Ball 3- Personal Goals & Ambitions – I have the unfortunate privilege to come from a long strong line of entrepreneurs who are all successful and while I’m happy/successful in my job, I can’t help but think that there’s something more that I should be doing.  So I’m always thinking of ways to make an impact outside of work.  I’ve got LOTS of ideas and no time to see them through.  I guess if I wanted it bad enough I’d make it happen.

Ball 4 – Health/Fitness – This is an entirely different set of demands.  I will always be a fitness junkie.  That will never change.  I’m always going to prioritize a workout whenever I can.  I’m always going to feel the need to challenge myself to try new things be it marathons, triathlons, or something completely different.  I spend a lot of energy working out, thinking about working out or planning on working out because it makes me happy but again if I don’t get to execute exactly as I planned, I’m disappointed. 

I guess what I’m saying is every now and then I get tired, burnt out.  I need a break, and a minute to just breathe.  I’m trying to remind myself that this is my new normal and that flexibility is the key to sanity but it’s tough. 

So for a moment, can we just stop……..

Take a step back….

Close our eyes…

and just breathe…….

feel the calm and remember to keep it all in perspective…


2 responses to “Ever Feel Like You’re Running On Empty

  1. Sounds like you could use a little Mommy-vacay. I can't imagine all the stress it is keeping all the balls in the air. The Mister and I often feel like we burn the candle at both ends and with Baby Key on the way, I can't imagine what we'll do when he/she is here. I know we'll adjust…you have to. 🙂 Like you though, I know I won't want to give up ALL of my running/fitness goals. Its just part of who I am; its part of what makes me happy. And being happy will make me a better wife and better (future) momma.

  2. i'm going to lol because you have to otherwise, you will just break down and cry.
    juggle one ball at a time. that is all you can do. if you can throw another one in there, great, if not. one will do.
    don't be so hard on yourself.
    things change in mommyhood.

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