A Look Back At The Last 6 Months

Baby E is officially 6 months old and I thought it would be interesting to see how he’s changed since Oct 18th. 

This is just 4 days after E was born.
One Month later, he was growing like a weed. I loved watching him discover new things.
At 2 Months, E was starting to get the hang of this day/night stuff.  He was sleeping through the night and believe me, I was enjoying it while it lasted.
3 Months brought more interaction, smiles, and coos.  It was so much fun to watch this little guy explore.
I had a regular little man at 4 months.  I couldn’t believe the changes he was going through.  
We were able to get outside a little bit in the 5th month.  It was comical to watch E learn to adjust to wind.  You would’ve thought someone had a blow dryer going directly on his face.
6 Months has been so much fun!  He’s sitting up, trying to crawl, talking up a storm and just enjoying life.  

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