Wanna Hear A Story?

Before this job, I was a traveling IT consultant and by traveling I mean that I was home on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  The last project I was on put in Pittsburgh for over a year.  I was literally living out of the Renaissance Hotel there.  To put it in perspective, when I got married, the staff at the hotel got us a gift.  When I finally left, I got the sweetest card and hugs all around.  They were the best and I still think about all of them.  But within that trip, I hit a turning point.  There was one event that made me realize that maybe my time on the road should come to an end. 

Don’t ask me why I’m sharing this.  It just popped into my head and I thought I’d jot it down before I forgot it.  That’s the joy of blogs.

Let me set the scene..I work in downtown Pittsburgh.  My hotel is 2 blocks away from my office.  My other consultants and I would work together and live together similar to a college setting except we all had separate rooms.  We’d go from work, to the gym, to dinner and back to the hotel.  Occasionally, we’d venture out for the night and go to a game or discover a new part of town.  It really was a lot of fun but it came at the expense of my family. 

Anyway, one night after working late, we went for dinner, I had a glass of wine.  That’s it!  Went back to the hotel and back to my room.  I was scheduled to leave the next morning but thought I’d pack in the morning.  I was too tired.  I had my good night conversation with S and went to sleep.  When I woke up, I was in my pajamas, suitcase in tow, knocking on my own hotel room door from the hallway!!  I eventually woke because I was frustrated that no one was opening the door.  I had to go down to the lobby and get a new key.  When I finally got back in my room, I opened my suitcase to discover it was still empty and there was a broken glass on the floor.  It freaked me out and the staff so much that they posted someone outside my door the following week to make sure I didn’t wander off. 

It was then that made me realize that it was time to refocus my energies and put down some roots at home.  I’m so glad I did.  Two years later I have a beautiful baby boy and great little family.  I still miss my traveling past, the people I worked with and the people I met along the way but I’m in a better place now. 


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