Do Something

I’ve recently been connecting on Twitter with (@momslrb) other moms who are as motivated as I am about fitness.  Around the beginning of May we challenged ourselves to do something, anything everyday in May.  I took up the challenge and committed to running at least 2 miles everyday.  Here we are May 11th and I’ve run a total of 24 1/2 miles since May 1.

There have been days where I didn’t want to do anything, like yesterday, but the commitement to the group is motivating.

Today E and I went out for what was going to be just a quick 2 mile run.  An out and back on a local trail that we know very well.  E’s been running it for a while, even before he was born.  After the 10 minutes out, I found myself running an extra 10 before turning around.  Sometimes running is so much more than a run.  Today it was a brainstorming session and an opportunity to get myself in check.

In the 40 minutes that we ran, I made my mental list of things I need to do this week, recalled what I had accomplished this week and thought about how to address some challenges at work and enjoyed the scenery (the trail runs along side the clydesdale stables).  Beautiful horses and green landscape.

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to getting outside with E and running.  When I was pregnant I use to hope that this is what it would be like.  That E would enjoy running as much as I do and now at the very least, he loves to be pushed.  He truly is Moms Little Running Buddy.

Love it!


The Morning From Hell

I just need to vent a little bit than I’ll be able to get past it.  Monday was a terrible day but it’s over.  Tuesday has even come and almost gone.  We’re past it.  Wednesday is upon us.

I usually try to wake up every morning with a sense of optimism and positivity but I knew something was not right and was finding it hard to stay positive.  Baby E was feeling a little under the weather but I needed to go to work.

S dropped him off in the morning but all I could think about on the way to work was E.  Mom’s intuition got the best of me and I called the doctor’s office and explained his symptoms.  Sure enough, the asked me to bring him in that morning.  So mind you, it’s now 8:00 A.M., I just got to work, I have a standing 8:30 meeting and now I have to go from the middle of STL, to the North end of town, and then back down to the city center all by 10:00 A.M.  Needless to say, I was feeling the pressure to get there on time and MIGHT have found myself accelerating a little faster than I should have been.  Then I see them…the red and blue lights.  I haven’t gotten a ticket since I was 17.  I didn’t even try to explain to the cop.  I was just so frustrated that all I could do was call the MD and let him know we were going to be late.  So FINALLY, I got my ticket and we made it to the doctor about 15 minutes late. 
After a quick exam, we found out E had his third ear infection and needed another breathing treatment which he HATES.  
He’s needed these breathing treatments all the time since he had RSV in February.  That was so scary that I cemented the warning signs in my mind.  I refuse to let E get that again.  I can’t even tell you how much it hurt my heart to see him suffer.  
So after the exam we spent the rest of the day giving treatments and cuddling.  
You know your little one is sick when all he wants to do is cuddle up on Mom.  I can’t say that I object.  I would’ve laid there all day if he wanted me too.  Actually we did.  That was the only way I could get him to sleep.  
At the end of the day, the ticket didn’t matter, the pressures of the day didn’t matter.  What mattered is that E was in my arms and we were doing ok.  These are among many of the memories that while not pleasant I’ll remember always because I am reminded of why being a Mom is the most important role I play now.  Everything else is second.

Why I Love My Mom

Looks like the title of a 5th graders essay contest right?  Well I guess that’s appropriate since my mom teaches 5th grade.  With Mother’s Day around the corner and as a new mom, I can appreciate what my mom did for not only me but also my three bothers and sisters and so I thought I’d honor her a little bit by sharing some of the best lessons we’ve learned from her.  These lessons come in all types: those that I’ve built my life around, those that I live by day to day and everything else. 
To give you a little background on my mom, she’s the oldest of 5 and has always been a teacher long before she got a degree in education.  She met my dad in college and was a synchronized swimmer.
Can you figure out which one is my mom?  (Hint: look for the one that might be corralling kids)

Life Lessons:
1. You are responsible for your actions – It’s no one Else’s fault – So many times, I wanted to blame my mistakes on an external conditional that I “obviously” couldn’t control.  Mom never let me do that and today I’m a stronger person that makes decisions knowing that I am solely responsible for the outcome.  No one else.  I will be teaching this to Baby E. 

2. Marriage is for life – My parents have had their ups and downs and there were times when I, just observing would’ve said “That’s it” but they have endured for over 30 years and continue to work together.  I don’t believe in an perfect relationship but finding the right marriage for you and your spouse.  S and I have been married a little over 2 years now and we continue to figure out what works for us.  It’s obvious that this will be an ongoing process but I love him more now than ever before. 

3. Family comes first – In my mind this is obvious but that might be only because my mom lived it daily.  As we grew up, she was always sacrificing her time and money to make sure that my brother and sisters and I could attempt every sport or activity that we could come across.  She would even put my prom dresses on lay away and pay as she could so I could look “Awesome”.  I’d post a picture but they are in storage.

Day to Day Lessons:

1. Advil Cures All – I was a klutz to say the least, and Mom somehow always knew when something was serious enough to need medical attention or not.  When she deemed it to be a lower grade injury her response was always “Take An Advil”.  To this day, you will ALWAYS find Advil in my medicine cabinet but I do consider myself a tough cookie thanks to this lesson. 
2. Couponing is Essential To Feeding a Family – My mom was an extreme couponer before the term existed.  She and my dad would take all us kids to the one grocery store in the area that would ad match, double coupons and allow for multiple coupons.  She would spend all Sunday morning with the ads spread across the counter circling feverishly.  Then we’d go and spend a couple hours at the grocery store analyzing prices and products.  It was soo extensive, the cashiers would run away and the manager would have to check us out.  That store is no longer in business.  But I do look for deals, download and clip, and we have saved lots of money because of that. 
3. Red Meat is for special occasions not to be eaten all the time – Mom was always trying to comply with the dietary needs of a heart disease patient.  We grew up eating homemade healthy meals nightly and when we’d get red meat, pizza or anything that wasn‘t chicken or turkey it was a special occasion.  This is how I live my married life today.  Even with a demanding job, athletic goals, housework and a baby, I always try to cook a healthy meal for my husband and me.  I can make chicken a 150 different ways.  We love our vegetables and aren’t afraid to eat leftovers.  This lesson is probably going to prove to be the most valuable over the long term. 

4. You can feel it when Mom says “Does he feel warm?”  Baby E woke up this morning and after kissing his head, I immediately noticed that he was feeling warm.  After taking his temp, he did in fact have a fever.  I’ve NEVER been able to feel what mom meant when she’d say that until now.  I feel like I got a new badge on my Mom Sash.  
Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 

Blast From The Past…The Evolution of Mom

As Mother’s Day approaches, I wanted to go back and take a look at how I adapted to the role I was about to take on, the role of Mom.  This post makes me remember all the feelings that I was having and how they all came around full circle. 


35 Weeks – Baby Brain Is A Strange Thing

I’m spending the remainder of my 34th and the beginning of my 35th week in Indianapolis implementing a new software system for a pharmacy site full of people that are excited to receive it. I realize when I come on site how much I enjoy my job. Is it stressful? Yes. Do I have a lot of responsibility? Yes. But when I walk around this building and realize that everyone here is looking to me for answers, it motivates you to want to be there for them, to know everything there is to know and calm their nerves. Do I know it all? No but I learn.
There was a time early on in my pregnancy where I wished maybe I could stay home with him, not necessarily full time but maybe part time. There was a time where I felt like because that wasn’t an option for our family that I was somehow being cheated but I realize that isn’t at all what I want. So much of who I am is my need to contribute in the ways that I do everyday at work. Without that, I’m not me.
Up until this point in my life, my priorities have been family, career and the ever present need to compete and challenge myself. What I’m starting to realize is that this little guy in my belly is going to add a entirely new dimension to all those things.
Pregnancy is amazing. It’s not just about the development of a child. It’s about the development of a mom. I’ve come a long way in 8 months. I’ve gone through every phase imaginable and it was painful at times, extremely. But I’m there. (It’s like that StateFarm Commercial). I’m ready for the role of “Mom”, maybe not all the sleepless nights. Am I still selfish? Yes and always will be to some degree and I think you have to be. We will find a balance, we will have to. Because for me, being a good mom for my son is about being the best person I can be and that includes, working hard and playing hard and being satisfied.

5 Reasons You Should Run A 5K This Weekend

This weekend Baby E and I had pretty packed weekend with visiting with Family, getting the house on the market and running 2 5Ks.  As I was running on Sunday I was reminded why 5Ks are such an awesome race and worth doing even for the seasoned runner.
1. Family Friendly – Of all the distances, a 5K provides the most opportunity for family participation.  Everyone can walk or run it and it’s great to get kids involved early and show them what fun running can be. 
Baby E is already a big fan of the 5K so I’m sure he’s going to want to keep doing them.
1. March of Dimes – Saturday, April 30 in Forest Park
2. Race for Sight – May 1 at Union Station Downtown
2. Easy to Find – Because they are a manageable distance, many groups use them as fundraisers which means that you can always find one to run.  Check your local running clubs website.  Most have a calendar of events.  Plan it, do it!
3. Allows us Runners to be Philanthropic Doing What We Love – This weekend we helped out 2 great organizations.  March of Dimes which helps promotes Healthy Babies and Run for Sight which helps children with visual disabilities.  No matter where you are, you can almost always bet that there’s some money going to charity which make you feel even better about running.
4. Renew Your Motivation To Run – I couldn’t help but people watch at these races and what I saw inspired me all over again. Before the race, I saw first time runners with nervous faces, I’m sure mentally doubting themselves.  They were excited and anxious.  During the race, I saw faces ease a little, I saw families having fun. Then at the finish line I saw excitement, a sense of accomplishment and in most cases, new runner addicts.  It was great.  I don’t care what your favorite distance is.  If you want to remember that first run feeling, go do a 5K. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 
5. Fun – Between the crowds, the emotions, and everything else they are just alot of fun.  I’m hoping that Baby E and I will continue to do these and that one day he’s running next to me truly becoming my little running buddy. 
So I had to leave you with a few other pictures of our weekend.  Like I said, we got to spend time with family we don’t see much.  Here you’ll see cousins meeting for the first time. 
They soon became best buds!
We also got to see some friends from out of state.  They too bonded.  Baby E is going to have friends where ever he goes.  He’s got his momma’s charisma. 🙂
Finally we just hung out.  Baby E had the opportunity to try his soon to be cousin’s jacket on this weekend.  He loved it and I know Baby Jack will too.  I’ll have to let him borrow E’s new fedora.  They go well together don’t you think. 

Another side note, I also think E looks like he could be miniature version of one of my favorite singers – Jason Mraz.  What do you think?

A Look Back At The Last 6 Months

Baby E is officially 6 months old and I thought it would be interesting to see how he’s changed since Oct 18th. 

This is just 4 days after E was born.
One Month later, he was growing like a weed. I loved watching him discover new things.
At 2 Months, E was starting to get the hang of this day/night stuff.  He was sleeping through the night and believe me, I was enjoying it while it lasted.
3 Months brought more interaction, smiles, and coos.  It was so much fun to watch this little guy explore.
I had a regular little man at 4 months.  I couldn’t believe the changes he was going through.  
We were able to get outside a little bit in the 5th month.  It was comical to watch E learn to adjust to wind.  You would’ve thought someone had a blow dryer going directly on his face.
6 Months has been so much fun!  He’s sitting up, trying to crawl, talking up a storm and just enjoying life.  

Ever Feel Like You’re Running On Empty

This post is all about venting and discussing time management so be warned!!

One thing I’ve definitely learned as a mom is that life doesn’t slow down.  I knew this before Baby E was born but there were periods of time during the day where life would slow down, allow me to catch my breath and regroup.  Now that time doesn’t exist until my head hits the pillow.  I’ve lost touch with all my TV shows (Biggest Looser and everything on Bravo), I don’t sew anymore and I definitely don’t read books like I use to. 

It seems like lately though everything is moving at warp speed making it very difficult to keep all the balls in the air. 

Ball 1 – Work – I love my job, don’t get me wrong.  I get to leave work everyday feeling a sense of accomplishment but with that comes the feeling like I could’ve done more knowing that there is a ton to do.   It’s hard to leave that at the door when I go home every night.  I never stop thinking about what I have to do tomorrow.

Ball 2 – Family – Baby E is the center of my life and S’s.  He is by far the most important thing to us and we obviously invest a lot of time in making sure he’s happy and healthy.  In addition, S and I both have family related activities that we are constantly trying to keep track of.  Thankfully I’ve succumbed to the need for pen/paper to keep track of it all.  That’s where the momAgenda comes into play. 

Ball 3- Personal Goals & Ambitions – I have the unfortunate privilege to come from a long strong line of entrepreneurs who are all successful and while I’m happy/successful in my job, I can’t help but think that there’s something more that I should be doing.  So I’m always thinking of ways to make an impact outside of work.  I’ve got LOTS of ideas and no time to see them through.  I guess if I wanted it bad enough I’d make it happen.

Ball 4 – Health/Fitness – This is an entirely different set of demands.  I will always be a fitness junkie.  That will never change.  I’m always going to prioritize a workout whenever I can.  I’m always going to feel the need to challenge myself to try new things be it marathons, triathlons, or something completely different.  I spend a lot of energy working out, thinking about working out or planning on working out because it makes me happy but again if I don’t get to execute exactly as I planned, I’m disappointed. 

I guess what I’m saying is every now and then I get tired, burnt out.  I need a break, and a minute to just breathe.  I’m trying to remind myself that this is my new normal and that flexibility is the key to sanity but it’s tough. 

So for a moment, can we just stop……..

Take a step back….

Close our eyes…

and just breathe…….

feel the calm and remember to keep it all in perspective…