Planning, Planning, Planning

So it feels like all we’re doing right now is planning. Planning our weekend, the next couple months or the seven months. Yesterday I started planning post baby arrival activities, specifically day care options. I’ve been told that finding the day care option that’s right for you can be tough so I’ve started early. I got three good leads yesterday that I’m hoping will result in an identified nanny. My parish and the parishes around me provide list of possible candidates in the immediate area that I’ve reached out to. I made contact with a few, a couple didn’t have any capacity to accept additional children next January but others do. We’ve setup sometime to talk to them in the coming months. Getting this accomplished will be another huge thing to not have to deal with. It helps that we have such supportive grand parents who are willing to help out.

I’ve started thinking about so many things that you realize have to be done. I guess they call this “Nesting” but all the deep cleaning that we want to do prior: Air Duct Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, etc. All of that will get scheduled and completed in the coming months.

I have to say that I always feel better when there are no surprises and I have time to plan. I guess that’s why I’ve chosen Project Management as a profession.

It’s not just S and I are that are in planning mode, P and N are planning for their new arrival, J and N are planning their upcoming nuptuals, A is planning her summer and Mom and Dad are planning out how to make it through this year. You could say it’s a pretty big year for the family.

Tonight I’m planning on coming home and seeing more kitchen progress. Yesterday the floor got finished, and upper cabinets. We also hit our first real glitch, the fridge is too big. Oops. It’s already taken care of, American is going to swap it out for a slightly smaller unit of the same make and model. They have been awesome to work wtih. I give them huge props!


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